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Premier Tri is a newish triathlon club based in South West London. The club is currently trying to attract new members and needed a new website to advertise the club to the public. As this was a relatively small project, I adapted WordPress’s Twenty Eleven rather than designing a custom theme. I worked with the Premier Tri team to create some customer profiles and develop a sitemap and content based on their needs, desires and concerns. I also managed to use the phrase “emphasising and optimising the sales funnel” with a nearly straight face.

The site aims to portray Premier Tri as fun, friendly and welcoming, but also tries to show the club, and the coaches in particular, as experts in their fields. Quite a bit of space is devoted to explaining how the club works and why members are proud to be part of it, and the news (blog) section lets the club share successes and expertise with current and prospective members. I copyedited the whole site and wrote the home and membership pages from scratch.

I wanted to stick a larger header image on the home page and make it easy for anyone to change this, so, after digging around in the source for a while, I subclassed WordPress’s header image dialog to add a new theme menu option. I also added a simple header slideshow and a new widget to promote the club at the bottom of each blog post.

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