Pole Exercise DVD 1

As with DVD 2, I did most of the post production for Pole Exercise 1, including grading, onscreen graphics and titles, menu graphics and building the DVD project. The DVD was initially released in 2006 and was produced with nearly zero budget by a pretty inexperienced team. The quality of the footage was not great – very dark and with variable colour tone throughout – so I remastered the DVD in 2010, lightening and grading the footage and adding graphics and titles to match DVD 2.

The Pole Exercise website was initially launched as a static site, moved it to WordPress and added a blog in 2007 so we could do some of that content marketing stuff I’d been reading about on Copyblogger. When we launched, there was very little pole dancing material online: just one or two blogs and a few videos on YouTube, though there was quite a community on MySpace. Through the blog we were able to attract more than 1100 subscribers, about 9000 uniques a month and, later, over 5000 Facebook fans. Unfortunately we didn’t build the brand as effectively as we could have done, and later entrants into the market like Bad Kitty and Pole Spin magazine have managed to create significantly greater awareness over the past few years.

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