I make web things

Sometimes pretty ones

And this is my home. Hiya. Hope the traffic wasn’t too bad getting here.

I submitted my PhD thesis a few months ago. Emergent systems are often thought of as special, and are often linked to desirable properties like robustness, fault tolerance and adaptability. Drawing on a number of fields including thermodynamics, nonlinear dynamical systems, evolutionary theory and information theory, my thesis uses cellular automata to create a new way of developing emergent systems as easily as conventional systems, or even automatically through search. I’m hoping to find out whether I’ve passed soon.

I’ve also made quite a few websites over the past few years, mainly in WordPress and mainly as part of projects for a small production company I helped start and run for around five years, where I also created some DVDs and a range of printed matter. There’s an incomplete ‘best of’ list on the portfolio page if you’re into that sort of thing.

Making responsive SVG graphs

One of the (many) nice things about Twitter’s Bootstrap is its responsive layout. I’m using it for a new project alongside some D3, and I’d really like the graphs to resize with the grid. Unfortunately SVG elements don’t seem particularly … Keep reading >

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